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Updated raspiadvrw (rpa command) to 1.12.0


  • Package included multiboot command. Once installed you can also use multiboot.
  • It corresponds to the new type CUBIC STYLE flash cartridge.
  • Fixed console message.


How to install (update)

$ wget
$ sudo dpkg -i raspiadvrw.deb


How to use the multi-boot command

  1. Please connect the expansion board and the GBA with a communication cable (such as all wiring cable).
  2. Activate the GBA main unit and place it in a standby state. (To start up the main unit with the cartridge inserted, press the start button + select button at startup)
  3. Transfer the gba file created for multi-boot to the GBA.

$ sudo multiboot game_mb.gba


(日本語) コミックマーケット95 参加情報



場所: CUBIC STYLEサークルスペース テ-50b
時間: 11:00~ (ラズパイのバッテリーが無くなるまで)
所要時間: 4~5分
持ち物: 巫女ぱらカートリッジ(ケースはお持ちいただかなくて大丈夫です)