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GB Studio 1.2.1 (Supported Japanese Text ver.)


GB Studio 1.2.0 がリリースされました。









GB Studio 1.2.1 for Windows 64-bit (インストーラー無)

GB Studio 1.2.1 for Windows 32-bit (インストーラー無)

GB Studio 1.2.1 for Mac



GB Studio 1.2.0 for Windows 64-bit (インストーラー無)

GB Studio 1.2.0 for Windows 32-bit (インストーラー無)

GB Studio 1.2.0 for Mac






(プロジェクトのフォルダ) / assets / ui /



ソースコード: cubicstyle/gb-studio

利用フォント: 美咲フォント

Updated raspiadvrw (rpa command) to 1.12.0


  • Package included multiboot command. Once installed you can also use multiboot.
  • It corresponds to the new type CUBIC STYLE flash cartridge.
  • Fixed console message.


How to install (update)

$ wget
$ sudo dpkg -i raspiadvrw.deb


How to use the multi-boot command

  1. Please connect the expansion board and the GBA with a communication cable (such as all wiring cable).
  2. Activate the GBA main unit and place it in a standby state. (To start up the main unit with the cartridge inserted, press the start button + select button at startup)
  3. Transfer the gba file created for multi-boot to the GBA.

$ sudo multiboot game_mb.gba


Dump the GBA BIOS using Multiboot.

I created a program to dump the GBA BIOS using the Raspberry Pi Advance Expansion Board.

As it is now, the tool that can be sucked out is gone, so please use it if you want to suck out yourself.



I use the multiboot program of akkera102 and the example of DebkitPro.


How to use


  1. Connect communication port of expansion board and communication port of GBA main unit with communication cable (for GB pocket etc.)
  2. Start GBA with no cartridge inserted

$ git clone

$ cd biosdump_rpa

$ sudo ./biosdump

Waiting for GBA…
Sending header.
Getting encryption and crc seeds.
Seeds: d4, 95, ffffc5d1
Waiting for checksum…
Gba: f157, Cal: f157
Boot Done.
Comm connect start…
Connect success!
Recieve start…


recive finish!

4. It is stored in the biosdump_rpa directory under the file name GBA.BIOS